Hi iv been reading a lot of posts on here for a few weeks now, and thought I'd join and ask some questions, iv been taking 20mgs of citalopram for 6 weeks now for anxiety and depression I had lots of side effects but they seem to be stopping now, thankgod ! But I don't seem to feel any better, I'm not crying like I was but that's all, I really thought I'd be feeling happier and not as stressed as I was, do you think I'm just being inpatient or do I need to give them more time to work properly ? I was told they take between 2-4 weeks to work properly, any advice would be appreciated, thankyou for taking time to read this xx


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  • The citalopram worked pretty quickly for me. I don't feel that it is a magic cure but it helps take the edge off and get me moving.

    I've taken 3 different medications before Celexa and those were all not the right ones for me. The side effects were terrible and the pills itself almost made it worse!

    My doctor calls it the magic bullett. When you find the right medication it just hits correctly. There are many of them out there, so trial and error will take some time to find the right one.

    Lastly, no pill is going to magically cure you. Your anxiety is always going to be present. The medication just helps so it's not so debilitating and you can go on with your life. Then, hopefully, you can learn what it's like to not live with high levels of anxiety and calm down. This allows your body to rest and quit sending chemicals rushing through you at all times. So someday you may be able to come off the medication because you beat the cycle.

    Best regards.

  • Thankyou for replying to me, iv read so many reviews on it and some say it takes weeks to kick in and others say months, so I'm wondering if I should try a different one or stick with it for a bit longer ? It's the first time iv taken ADS so not sure what to expect x

  • Hi Anna,

    I've been on Celexa for 22days (10mg) and so far I've been nothing but worse... Have talked with Dr about it, he wants me to stay with it and give it a longer try...SO...I have decided I WILL do this for at least a month and then possible up to 6 weeks. But, if but that time I don't feel even a TINY BIT of encouragement, I will quit them. Period. Doc will possibly put me on 20mg in May (have a Dr appt. on the 3rd) I am not looking to get ecstatically happy... I just want to feel calm and content and feel like doing ANYTHING in the way of housework...

    It sounds like you have been making at least SOME progress, and that is GOOD, Anna... So maybe SOON you'll feel ever better!! :) that would be great!! (I know you agree!)

    I honestly don't think I can mentally hold out for 3 months... I am not suicidal...but I sometimes don't care if I live or die (new to me) if THIS is what I have to keep going through since I started this stuff.

    Anyway, here is wishing for the best for BOTH of us!! and!!--everyone else on this forum! Take care.


  • I was speaking to a lady the other day as she's also taking citalopram for anxiety and depression, she was on it for 3 months before she seen a difference in herself, she like us was ready to give up on it too then all of a sudden she said it felt like someone had flipped a switch and she was back to her self again, she's now happier than she as been in years and her confidence is extremely good, I'm hanging on to her words in hope that's what gonna happen to me 😟 But 3 months seems a long time don't it.. we'll get there Betty I'm hopeful for that and we all have each other in this forum.. take care and keep posting your progress xx Anna xx

  • Hi What other non medication techniques are you trying ? Please do not rely on meds alone.You have to distract your mind. So take up a hobby, exercise, read books about anxiety, go to CBT. I used all of these combined to finally beat anxiety. Kev

  • Iv got an appointment in may to see a councillor for additional help, I go for long walks and keep myself busy as much as I can, it's just frustrating that I still feel anxious.. Anna x

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