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Hi, I have really bad health anxiety and have just been put on Citalopram. Does anyone have any experience of the initial side effects, whether you can have a glass of wine while taking these and what time of day is best to take them? I seem to be yawning a lot, feel a bit sick and can't sleep

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Hi ,I came off citalopram 6 months ago and was on them for 2 years ,I put on over 2 stone with them ,well I blame them but maybe just comfort eating with the anxiety,and yes I still had my glass of wine ( I'd die if I did not get my wine lol) the thing I did notice was a bit more anxious if I had wine the night before, so not really sure if they were side effects or just symptoms of my anxiety,I made the decision to Come off them as wanted to come on my own ( not sure if it was a good idea) as I thought they did not help my anxiety but hubby says they did,I'm going backwards but don't want to stay on pills,good luck with them,I have lost the weight I put on but have stopped eating shite,so maybe was not the pills ,it's better to try them if it helps you take care xx

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Thank you, I've lost a stone with being anxious so a little weight gain would not be a bad thing. Hope you get on okay without them

Been on same meds for 7 weeks now at first got side effects ; sick feeling in the mornings, off my food, waking up really early, anxiety seemed worse because I had the side effects to worry about as well. I have lost about a stone too. Now I am on top of thinks and getting out and about. Eating normally and my Dr says an odd glass of wine is ok. Stick with the meds but. Good luck

Thank you, I'm sticking with it as I need to beat this. I've two little girls who need their mummy back happy again. Glad to hear it's working for you and you are feeling better.

Stick with them I'm on them yes you do get a few side effects but you do with all medication I've been on them for 5 weeks xxxx

Thank you, I have a phobia of all medication so it is very hard but I really appreciate your reply as it will keep me going

I'm on citalopram and often have a glass or two of wine. I get the same ...yawning and feeling sick at times but not sure if it is the citalopram. I take mine when I get up in the morning. xx

Thank you for replying. I have taken it between 4 - 5pm so far but might try in the morning.

I take mine in the morning with my breakfast. Xx

Thank you, I will try on a morning x

I only took mine for two days. The symptoms were terrible. I couldn't sleep at all. Nausea was crazy and I was dizzy and sick all over. I juat stopped taking them.

Hi, I'm so sorry to hear that. I tried taking them nearly a year ago and stopped after two days because of the side effects. Sometimes the time isn't right for you to persevere. Have you tried supplements such as ashwaganda? It was recommended to me as very good for anxiety? I hope you find something that works for you x

Yes, I'm currently on 30mg citalopram daily and I've found them very effective. BUT the first couple of days were pretty awful and I felt more anxious for the first 3-4 weeks (20mg at that time) before the improvements started to become apparent. It was only because I'd read the information on the link below that I realised that many people do feel worse before starting to feel better that I stuck with them, I could easily have thought "These aren't doing me any good, perhaps I'm having a bad reaction to them, I'll have to stop..." Now, I'm so glad I did stick with them.

Thank you so much for your reply and sharing the link. It was really interesting reading and certainly helped me feel that I'm not alone

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