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Soo i had a good day wow i felt so great till this 😩

Soo i was out felt like me again but i was walking a couple of blocks i felt like i got shortness of breath and my heart racing when i touch it my chest i felt it go arrthmia fast but it calms down when i breath in and out dont pay no mind i try my hardest to forget it it was good doe going out walking really out in the world feeling good but my vision felt wierd aswell un real and head when i got to my door to open to go in my house infelt like my vison had lines or spining things going around im like what the hell is this then it last for a couple of minutes then left crazy feeling and my heart feeling fluttering and little bit of pain that comes and goes my friend goes yo your crazy thats all in your head bro if you seen the docters and a cardiologist they wouldnt lie to you plus you check your self two months ago he like now i know its your mind just relax

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