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your stronger than u know

i am trying to be more of a positive person being negative just brings u down we all will have are good days and bad days but dont forget your stronger than u know and better days will come you just got to make it happen just remember we only live ones so dont let anxiety and depression destroy your life iam only 23 years old and the things i been throw its a lot and i have learned a lot from it all your not alone in this

your stronger than what u may feel

all ways stay strong

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❤ Thank You


Hi glitterangel03, your words are well said. Only 23 but you probably learned more in the last couple years than you have all your life. Life is a learning process both good and bad. You are a very strong person, I knew that from the start. Keeping you in my thoughts. I hope everything goes well for you from this point on. xx

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thank u

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