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I'm having trouble getting to sleep due to my fear of dying in my sleep. I stay up to midnight or later just so I know that i made it to the next day and always very tired. Haven't been to the doctor in 4 years which makes fear worse. (Parents say i don't need to go to the doctor every year unless i really need to but i disagree). If my breathing ever feels off or if i feel a pain i don't understand it makes fear worse. Have any advice on how to overcome the fear???

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OMG I'm also going through the same thing. It's really bothering me . I stay awake till late and have a hard time going to sleep even when I'm really sleepy. I get this feeling of impending doom.


Hi all

This is all anxiety. We all have to fight againsg that . I can suggest some thing is a medicine called narayankalpa of shrishri Ayurveda it's from India . Please have it and ur problem will be little controlled


I do feel the same but I got to know that it's my fear and have to fight for it . What you have to do is when that thought comes just start thinking something else . Infact do exercise regularly.


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