Shakey and dizziness no letup

So as I've said on previous posts..I suffer bad symptoms with my anxiety..for the last five weeks I've been taking citrol which my doctor prescribed..Is there any let up..not say one in five days I may feel okish..I'm just so sick of the tired and shaky/lightheaded feelings that do be with me 24/7 daily..I'm sure everyone on this site has there own grudges with anxiety..I just would like to feel some sort of normality's draining physically as well as mentley


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4 Replies

  • I'm light headed and weak in the legs :-/ I also get falling sensations like I'm dropping for four years now it's hell

  • It's horrible..Absolute pox it is Ashley..hopefully some day soon we can find a way to stop it..

  • I sure hope so

  • Stare it down. We all have the power to do this...we are the "captains of our soul", anxiety isn't.

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