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Will there be an end?

I've been dealing with anxiety again (after having overcome it for the most part a couple years ago) and this time it's really knocking me down. I feel sick to my stomach and nauseous all day, every day. It's hard to get up and go to work or go do things that I used to enjoy doing. I've seen many doctors and nothing has helped yet. I'm seeing a psychiatrist tomorrow to hopefully get a medication to help calm me down and reduce these symptoms. Has anyone ever had these symptoms and then took medication to help? Did it actually work? Please someone give me some hope!

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I am on the same path you are on. I do get nauseous but I also get shaky and weak with all standing tasks so right now I am superglued to the couch ( unable to work at full capacity). I still can't believe it's all anxiety ( still ruling out blood pressure issues). I have been on Busphar for months now and I don't think it's the proper drug for me, I am trying to taper slowly. I did start Prozac this morning and we will see how it goes. At this point I am willing to try anything to get better. I am seeing my PCP, GI and psych almost every week. I am considering seeing another PCP ( my parents PCP) because sometimes a new doctor who is good ( my parents swear by her) makes a big difference. I would try the drugs because I can tell you from experience I was on Zoloft and it worked great for me for 20 years.


Presently taking Zoloft, causes dizziness & nausea.

Seriously thinking to consult Doc. for medical cannabis?


Thought about it, do they prescribe it for anxiety? I heard it causes anxiety sometimes but so do the other drugs. I know when I had it before ( not medical) it did mellow me. Have you been taking Zoloft for a while? I could only take 50 mg otherwise it made me more anxious, but it worked for me at 50 until it didn't. It's a big trial and error with these drugs but something gotta help. I also have Ativan but I am kind of scared to try it, but I may have to when Or if I get off Busphar. My mother is on a Busphar celexa combo and she says it saved her from insanity, she is doing great.


My psychiatrist prescribed me ativan and lexapro. Hopefully I don't have any nasty side effects and that it actually works for me. It is extremely hard to believe that anxiety/depression can do all of this to someones body. I hope you start to feel better soon. Best wishes!


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