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Anxiety about health/ Hypochondriac

I often experience all sorts of common symptoms such as itchy eyes, dry tongue, popping ears, etc.

And other sorts of symptoms which happen to everyone often.

Yet I must take everything and turn it into me believing I have serious illnesses which have no link to my family like cancer or super rare cases of all sorts of diseases.

Does anyone else get this/feel this?

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Yeah this happens to me also

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Health anxiety. It's more common than I ever thought. I deal with this as we speak. When I'm active I 'feel' my heart rate increase and feels like it's beating harder. Well of course it is because I'm moving and being active. However when this happens to me now it almost always starts a panic cycle. I had a stress test this past Monday, heart rate went to 180 during this test and I felt normal. All results came back fine. However I went to work the next day and had the same feeling I explained above and the panic cycle started. I don't fully understand why because I would guess my heart rate was only maybe 100-105. It comes and goes but for whatever reason scares me EVERYTIME. I've also had several ecg's and complete blood work before the stress test. EVERYTIME things are fine.

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Most probably health anxiety related. However, I do have these symptoms and it can be due to an underactive thyroid. Have you ever had your thyroid checked? Does anyone in your family have thyroid issues? Not implying that's what you have but I felt relieved once I was diagnosed.


YES lol while paying more of my attention to where my source of anx comes from, it's all health related. The other day I had pulled a muscle at the base of my skull from exercise and from there I got a small infection and my lymph nodes swelled around the area and I convinced myself that I was in danger of getting the infection in my brain and dying.

Best advice I can give is to trust God and do not look up any symptoms on "DR Google" xD


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