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I'm 24 lad and told I have anxiety and panic attacks, i do never feel well get bad chest pains and around my heart all d time and feel like I can't breath all d time when home and driveing, get dizzy and weak all d time, i do worry about my Heath because I all ways think there sum thing worng with my heat or breathing and got lots of tests done and all came bak good doctor said

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Welcome to the Anxiety Forum Stephenmcl. Hopefully we can help you with your anxiety symptoms. Glad you had it checked out by your doctor. What you are experiencing is typical for anxiety. Our mind promotes our fears which then bring on the symptoms which is caused by an over sensitized nervous system. I think you will find that you are not alone and can get the support and understanding you need to deal with anxiety. Take care.


Ino, just to hard to get over it, i don't drink a lot now any more and same with food I do have a bad fear of swallowing any thing and it's so hard to have a drink or it my dinner any more


If you had real heart problems you would be in cardiac critical care by now. If there was something wrong with your breathing you would have passed out at least once by now. Figure our what really bothers you in your life then take action.


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