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Hi I suffer with a panic attack 4 months ago and was told I suffer with social anxity wow even though I feel fine around the public. Tried on SSRI meds which made me more paranoid due to unbearable side effects. Now on imipramine and beta-blockers. How I have suffered with acid reflux from SSRI meds and whilst I have no acid reflux now I am left with consently burping at times only when standing and on Omeprazole. I was strong person but now someone who consently worries about my body. I have now started CBT. I welcome any support.

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Hi Tony! Been in a similar boat here, started about 6 months ago, and have had waves of it since. Not on medication for anxiety only lansoprazole for acid, with the two being linked hard to know what came first, the acid or the anxiety as one causes the other!

Totally hear you on the social anxiety part, I haven't been diagnosed with any particular kind, but did have 2 or 3 pretty severe attacks earlier in the year, one ended up at a&e and another calling an ambulance out. I get the burping, feels like its the only thing that relieves it at times, or sometimes a gurgle in the chest but hard to get that to happen when you want!

Promise I'm not on commision hah, but for the anxiety I can really recommend this book. I listen to on audible it rather than read (easier to relax &concentrate that way)

Its been helping me a lot this week, understanding the anxiety is a major part of it and Seriously - I never thought I had anxiety I still find it hard to get my head around, I think I am one of the most laid back people I know - but I think it's often the every day concerns of modern life that can slowly drive us down this road!

There have been a few times recently were I have felt it coming on, I get the physical symptoms - chest cramps tight chest, anxious twitches etc and have been able to talk myself down out of it. The more you do that, the more confident you feel about it - almost like a superpower, heal yourself with only your mind! :D

It's explained a lot to me, how anxiety is a pass-down from our fight or flight animal instincts - we trigger it with our subconscious - it floods the body with adrenaline, and because we now have a lack of saber tooth tigers or mountain bears to fight or run from, it reacts in other ways, the muscle cramps the breathing, the twitches etc..

I thought when I was told it was a panic attack, I had made all these symptoms up in my mind - took me weeks to get my head around it. I didn't they were real, but my mind HAD triggered them and my mind now slowly is learning to bring myself down out of it.

Also the acid can still play a role, it covered that in a chapter last night specifically - the acid when irritating the oesophagus (please someone if I'm wrong correct me here!) messes with the nerves that deal with breathing (if you feel tight chested or struggling to control your breathing) - this leads to anxiety - anxiety more acid so its the two working in tandom.

Diet can help with the acid, I'm trying to change that now myself - treat each separately and hopefully you should start seeing some improvements! Good Luck!

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Hi. I have been rush twice into A&E due heart rest rate to high and only good thing is I know my heart, lungs where tested ok and GP did further blood test which also were ok. After my initial panic attack I should just taken time to rest instead I tried anxity meds which has just made worst. I am now having CBT.

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