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How I feel

I always thought I'd like to be a dandelion- those vivid yellow flowers that bloom in the cracks of sidewalks or abandoned lots. Anything that thrives in such strange, broken places holds a special kind of magic. It shines bright and golden for a moment before it withers, but then- when most have given it up for dead- it explodes into an elaborate globe of spiderweb seedings so fragile that a wind or a wish sends it to pieces. But the falling apart isn't the end. It depends on the falling apart. It's fragility lets it be carried to new places, to paint more gold in the cracks. I always thought I'd like to be a dandelion. But I think in a way, I already am. "Jenny Lawson"

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That's beautiful mimisingsbow! It makes me realize how magical life is. No matter how fragile life may make us seem at times, if we give it time, we can again blossom into what we were mean to be. Thank you for sharing. x

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