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Changed from Citralopram 20mg to Escitralopram 10mg

Hello I have just had my medication changed as I found that Citralopram made me feel too spaced out and 'slow'. I have been put on Escitralopram instead and currently feel ok. Just wondered if anyone else has tried Escitralopram and if so how they are getting on with it? My anxiety gets so bad I can barely make a 10 minute car trip without getting so anxious and my tummy stirred up that I have to stop for the loo somewhere (not pleasant - or easy!)

Horrid to feel that unsure about going out.

Thanks for listening. X

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Yer I just asked about taking xanax more often as I have tried many tabs and the side effects are bad and I can't continue . So are you having side effects from new tab ?


I took lexapro for almost 15 years only going off for my pregnancies. It was a great drug and really helped me through some tough times. However it no longer works for me and have now switched over to Zoloft. Good luck!

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Good luck 😉

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