anxiety or something worse???!!!

so lately I've been experiencing really uncomfortable sinus and head pressure and temple pressure it's like a throbbing heavy feeling and I also feel extremely detached and don't feel real, don't recognise myself when I look in the mirror, when I speak it's like I'm distant from my voice, I'm numb, I don't feel like I'm in my body, doctors won't give me a mri scan because of the radiation and I'm getting referred to a neurologist and I have been feeling like this for nearly a year, it started off with little experiencesepisodes of detachment, and its gradually gotten worse and I have the detachment eyery second of every day there is not one time we're I feel 'normal' I don't even know what it feels like to be normal anymore, some one help .


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  • Hi i have experienced these exact same symptoms as you in the past and i managed to get of them. It is known as depersonalization / derealization disorder and its caused by your body being bombarded by too much anxiety and its a way of the brain trying to cope. The way to get rid of it is by not panicing about the symptoms and just ignore it and eventually it will start to subside (easier said than done i know i've been there myself) but that is the only way and you will feel normal again. I had an mri scan for this reason as i was convinced i had a brain tumor but all was normal. Hope this helps.

  • Anxiety can have a massive effect on the body. I'm going through it myself.. aches pains numbness pins and needles.. twitches all sorts. It's soo bad... :(

  • Yes I've read up that I have depersonalisation but I honestly feel so numb and out of body it's so scary

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