Hi all I'm away on holidays ATM been nearly 2 weeks heading home Friday and one more week off. The whole time driving I was what if what if the whole time I drove . Had a slight panic attack yesterday driving to our next destination , just felt really anxious prior and heart rate up , and I was not driving .

But while away I have been informed one of my staff 43 yo had a heart attack . Thank god she ok but it's really stressed me out thinking I could be next . This person does suffer from depression and anxiety . She was doing a sleep over and had real bad elbow pain and wrist . Went to local hospital and her blood works , ecg etc where all clear . The next day she went to her dr and next thing she was air lifted to Melb 2 half hours away and had a stint put in . The thing is we just don't know if it's anxiety or the real thing . Very scary


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