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Hi all, just want to respond to some posts about meds, it's ok to take meds if your doc believes you need them, taken of course with precautions. If we suffered from diabetes or cancer or thyroid conditions it wouldn't be an issue, why oh why do we procrastinate about this.

Take them and see how you go, we know our bodies better than anyone, if they help then great.

We are not defined by what medication we take, no one asks someone who suffers from cancer, kidney disease etc, why they take their meds, so why should we be ashamed of ours.

I'm sick and tired of trying to get other people's approval . I'm not well, that's it. What part of that don't you get.

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Couldn't agree more with you, Banjorosie, you make the point well. There are so many people on this forum who think that taking a medication is some form of weakness or defeat. As you say, if there are side-effects, andyou're sure they are genuine side effects caused by what you're taking you have to weigh the gain against those side effects.

However, once you've stabilised your anxiety or bad feelings with meds and taken a 'holiday' from misery and had a chance to find a talking or reading cure then the time will come when you will want to practice your recovery technique without the benefit of meds. Most people won't want to stay on meds for life so when you're feeling brave taper off the meds very gradually and start putting your recovery techniques into practice. Everybody with General Anxiety Disorder (previously called anxiety neurosis and before that neurasthenia) can recover and live their life without meds if they have the will to do it and are persistant in practicing those recovery techniques.


I tried my hardest to get over anxiety with out meds but I just wasn't strong enough, I'm now on small does of amitriptyline 6th night in

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Nathsam46, you are still a strong person. As Jeff1943 stated, resorting to medication for a while doesn't make us weak or defeated. Getting an escape for the moment, so that you can work on other modalities to handle your symptoms. I would say most of us have started that way, me included. I wish you well on the amitriptyline. Sometimes that's all we need is that small dose to start going forward and feeling well again.

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