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Hi everyone,

Today I watched a video , it was an Irish doctor specialising in anxiety, he has had great results with his patients using this technique .

He gets them to write down this sentence . Anxiety is scary, horrible and frightening but it is not dangerous. Repeating this over and over again inside your head.

His explanation of panic and anxiety is, we are running away from feelings, symptoms, they can't actually kill you or make you die, I know it feels like that sometimes, he's right, we're terrified of what really!!!!

I have had a reasonably good day today after trying this exercise, I'm not cured, but if you think about it, what the f----- are we scared of???

Please let me know if anyone gets some relief from this.

Remember, anxiety is horrible, terrible, frightening but it is not dangerous.


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Is that Dr Barry ? If it is he is fantastic I used to put his video on as I was getting ready to go out and play it over and over and get those words in my head and yes it really helps You would find the DARE book by Barry McDonagh very good I've seen a video where he chats with Dr Barry

Really pleased that it is working for you and you are finding some relief from this rotten old anxiety and yes what the F...😉

Good luck x


Anxiety may not be deadly but to assert that it does no damage is ludicrous.


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