1lb weight loss - fortnight

Hello all

Please do not think 'get a grip' with my post but I struggle with severe health anxiety. I weight myself every fortnight and I have not changed my eating habits in the last fortnight but notice I have lost 1lb, is this concerning? I currently am suffering with bad upper back pain and thinking I have lung cancer as I cough during the night too, I am literally all over the place with worry.

Can someone please talk to me about my weight loss...... I am on citralopram (started it 10 days ago).



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7 Replies

  • Hi , a 1lb weight loss is nothing for you to worry about.When medics worry about unexplained weightloss they are usually taking stone / stone and a half type weight loss that can indicate something sinister going on like cancer. It is quite commen for women to fluctuate by a few pounds day to day just due to hormonal changes related to where we may be in our mentsrual cycle.I have fluctuated by sometimes 5 ibs up due to water retention around my period.try not o stress .Everything as you have described seems very innocent.

    Best of luck


  • Thanks Brumchick - this has properly freaked me out, too scared to weigh myself again just incase I loose anymore!

  • Its sometimes a side effect of starting a new med as well but honestly ,im a retired nurse ,whilst i cant give medical advice ,you have your doctor for that . If it were my daughter who was worried the way you have described i would tell her not to worry .

    Good luck


  • Thank you

  • Sorry to message again but weighed myself this afternoon and it now shows a loss of 0.3kg which is not even a one pound.

  • I lost 6 pounds when my anxiety was at it's worse. I am just now starting to put that back on.

  • You were probably not eating? I am eating and more than what I normally do that is what is concerning me

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