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Scared I'm not getting better :(

Hello everyone,. Having sort of a panic and down day today because my stomach was upset after eating yogurt this morning. I had norovirus 6 weeks ago tested positive for it two weeks after getting sick and slowly started feeling better although I've had occasional upset stomach and diarrhea. I'm so scared I'm not getting over it :(

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I had the norovirus last year and it was awful! I was sick with diarrhea , nausea and vomiting for weeks. It did take forever to get over just take it slow and continue to eat bland foods i.e. Bananas, toast,rice and keep hydrated! I found sometimes that yogurt upset my stomach too so back off of it for a while and see what happens. I slowly incorporated lunch meat and baked potatoes after about 4 weeks. My stomach was sensitive for a couple months after so try and not worry to much and just tske it day by day. Good luck and feel better!

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