anyone els been sick for 5 months?

hey i was wondering if anyone has had this, i feel sick for the pas5 almost 6 months they though it was anxiety and now do not i tried three kinds of medication non worked well. i get hot flashes head hurts arms go numb feel like i have the flu hear races and stopped working now 5 months ago and still feel sick had 4 E.R trips.

so far i try beta blockers it helps. but still do not feel my self

by the way had mri and spine scan blood work sono of my heart and nothing is wrong my hormones are good as well.


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4 Replies

  • Sounds just like anxiety. Have you tired therapy? The meds I've tired also didn't help. The beta blocker only helps with the racing heart.

  • Aforney12, if you've had all those tests you mention and nothing was physically wrong with you I don't see how 'they' can say it's not anxiety disorder that you're experiencing. Either way I think you should go back and see your doctor and ask him for alternative meds bearing in mind the others have not worked. There has to be one that's right for you, you just need to be persistant about finding it.

    All the symptoms you mention sound very much like anxiety to me, the stomach is the main organ of the body that 'complains' when we are experiencing anxiety disorder. Anxiety can cause our nervous system to become over sensitive and it then starts playing tricks on our bodies causing symptoms which often resemble physical illness but aren't, they are fake symptoms though they may feel real enough to you.

    To recover you have to stop adding fresh fear to your nerves by accepting the symptoms instead of adding further anxiety to your already stressed nerves. When you Accept the bad feelings you break the vicious circle of anxiety causing symptoms which cause more anxiety which causes more symptoms etc etc. So just Accept the symptoms for the time being knowing full well they are fake symptoms caused by fraught nerves, accept them without reacting to them with fresh fear, and before too long your nerves will recover and you will return to feeling normal again.

  • I'm feeling exactly the same

    It all started after my c section 7 weeks ago, I've not been over the door

    I'm so dizzy too and I'm miserable

    I'm scared I'll never get b

  • Oh ps I've had the same scans and a vestibular scan, all come back normal

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