Possible schizophrenia or health anxiety

Hi everyone,

I have a history of health anxiety, with four major episodes (lasting a couple of days) over the past three years.

I saw a psychiatrist on Thursday (four days ago) who said that my depression and anxiety (general anxiety not health anxiety) which I have had for the last two years is essentially gone, and that I have no other mental health issues.

The psycatrist asked me if I had been hearing voices and I replied no. Unfortunately since Thursday I have been hearing my own thoughts. Just my own no one else's. I've just been thinking about what I've been doing, when I'm doing it and planning out what I am going to do next (such as thinking about what I am going to type in this post). I haven't had any delusional thoughts, nor do we have a history of mental illness, in my family.

I'm taking a year out and am volunteering as a freelance filmmaker, which often means I am at home alone all day until my slinking/parents come home. This means I'n lonley and apparently lonleyness can trigger schizophrenia.

I also think I have irritable bowel syndrome.

Also I haven't slept very much (about 7 hours over the last two days) as I was up all night worrying about being schizophrenic. I don't drink (teetotaller), take drugs or smoke. I also have been having a lot more earworms (songs in your head) since Thursday

Please help

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3 Replies

  • Throwaway13664, What you are doing is "pondering" your own thoughts. It's something we all do. It is not schizophrenia. I think your psych doctor may have planted the seed that made you think hearing your own thoughts was not right. You can always see you doctor again to clarify this fear. As for IBS, that your GP can help you with. My best

  • Thank you so much!

  • Hi I'm exactly the same as you...don't worry ☺x

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