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Pregnant and horrible Anxiety

I am 4 weeks pregnant. .I stopped taking my Celexa be I was unsure if it was safe during pregnancy. I was going to talk to my obgyn about alternatives. My anxiety is back so bad, and so hard. I have had such a wonderful 6 weeks of 0 anxiety. Now it's back fullforce. I have imagined losing my baby, ectopic pregnancy, finding ovarian cancer on ultrasound...I'm a wreck. Has anyone been on anxiety mess while pregnant?

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Oh my goodness.. STOP.. You are fine! A lot of these fears are normal.. When you're expecting, not even to do with anxiety problems.. Just normal human, every day how amazing you are expecting a baby ..keep rational.. And focused you can do this .. You have just managed 6 weeks .. Did anything bad happen, no ? You can do another week and another... Focus on this wonderful thing you've been blessed with and run with it .. Keep strong and positive you can do it!! Congratulations 😊


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