Heart beating fast for no reason and muscle tension

Soo for some reason i cant relax my back i keep moving to try to relax but everytime am in a car or outside i look like i have problems or something because i just cant relax my back and my neck always jerk or twitch idk something really wierd and for some reason my heart beats fast for nothing like am not thinking about anything am just trying relax go outside but its like i cant i can always feel my heart beating on my chest or i feel like a flutter something or vibration on my chest and my heart always speeding up my body is just tierd of it dont know if am gonna last with all this but if i continue having this idk what am going to do it feels like am going crazy or something like i lost my mind or soemthing and my vison always seeming so unreal am tierd !!!!! and i refuse to take any meds been trying to control this my self but its like am starting like i cant anymore

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  • Have u ever been to a chiropractor? Maybe try massage therapy. I have really bad neck and back problems. Muscles so tight and stiff. Also have times when my heart likes to beat fast for no reason out if no where. Well maybe there is a reason, but I have yet to find out. Most people think that massage therapy is a luxury. I beg to differ. When a person has legitimate chronic health issues, especially ANXIETY, Then it is a medical necessity to take EXTRA CARE of yourself and be EXTRA KIND to your mind, body, and spirit. Love and Peace be with you

  • Thank you soo much and yeah my back always hurts and chest

  • you Anxiety doe because i have severe anxiety

  • Doo you have anxiety doe and i hace severe anxiety

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