Give anything A try at this point!

Give anything A try at this point!

Dear Santa,

Hi! It’s me Shawn. It has been quite some years since I have written you. Granted, I’ve helped our girls pen some letters to you last year. I am hoping all has been well for you. I am not certain how it all works, how you work really. I know in my youth that I thought you brought the presents, but it was my parents, who like I, go out and procure such. Yet at the same time, Christmas cannot go on without you, and you do in fact make it all the better. With that said, and to that end, I need some help. I am not quite certain if this is within your realm of should I say power? I have horrible anxiety problems. I have since my youth as I am sure you may even well know. Today I have to jump in my suit and see clients…actually in an hour. I will take some pills and try to push through that. My request is a bit different. Being you are some sort of entity, I was hoping I could bend your ear and tug on your heart for some help.

See Santa, every year I think things will be better. Overall, I have a healthy wife and children and I am well versed to know how very blessed I am. I am well versed in perspective. My issue is merely me! I am the same year after year and in some small (and large) ways, I am worse. I was hoping this year you could bring me something. Being that your special day is 25th, the New Year is right around the bend. If you could bring me a new me I would be grateful. Actually a me without problems would be fine.

Hope you can help. Lots of Love


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