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Heart related or anxiety?

So at 18 I probably shouldn't be too worried about heart problems as I'm young but obviously due to my anxiety I'm worried anyway. I get episodes of pressure on my chest, not anything severe at all but sometimes I get the pain in the shoulder which really makes me anxious about a heart attack. Though before I started getting the chest pains I was suffering chest tightness, congestion.. Coughing, so maybe it's a possibility that the coughing has strained the chest muscles?. Sometimes the chest pain comes on alone, then other times if I sit up quickly in the morning I'll get that pain. Even when I'm not worried it happens?. I do suffer from asthma too but I'm terrified I have heart problems

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i had the same worry but i overcame it. Chest sensations is a very common symptoms for someone who had anxiety and they can easily be mistaken for heart problems. It can be chest wall pain/costochondritis which is also common in teens but not harmful. As for the shoulder pain, that could easily be due to muscle strain or your posture. it can also be because you haven’t gotten up and worked your blood circulation enough. There are so many different things that could be causing it, and heart attacks is very unlikely out of them all. If you were having a heart attack, you’d know. You would be in excruciating pain. If you’re still worried, visit a doctor. But i can confidently say you’re fine. Try not to worry too much as it will make it worse x

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