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Hi everyone I'm new to this site

I've had anxiety for 8 years and I learned to cope with it and it didn't bother me up until this last year came back with a vengeance, the heart thuds and flutters are the worst they scare the life out off me and it's very upsetting I just want to feel normal, I've had blood tests 5 ecg-s I'm waiting for a cardiology monitor but it's a 18 weeks waiting list which should put my mind at rest with it o lay being a routine and not an emergency, anybody got any reassurance for me cause I can't talk to friends they just laugh at me and call me stupid, sorry for the essay 😬

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This is a cycle of your life right now. Don't overthink it. Hang in there and live inside the moments that are good...it will all balance out again


Thank you I will try, wen I'm having a bad day I just overthink but I'm gunna not think and focus on something else


My anxiety started about 6/7 years ago. I got a horrible chest pain and went to the doctors. They didheart tests all was fine. I carried on thinking about it . Ended up back ata&e for more tests. Flutters we're daily and thudding we're constant, I have a 24 hour heartmontor put on and all was clear. I stopped thinking about it after doing CBT but it does still bother me. I've been getting the same symptoms as you, convinced it's my heart, two weeks ago I had an episode and once again went to a&he. They did 4 ecg, two X-rays and a blood test and all is fine yet I'm still sat worrying. Constantly seeking reassurance. Do you sometimes forget about it when you're busy? If it was a serious problem they would've caught it. Like you say it's been 8 years, is something was going to happen, it would've by now. You're going to be fine. Try to keep busy, easier said than done I know, but it helps. Don't focus on it. Stand outside and focus on the birds singing. Repeat it to yourself that you're fine. Anxiety tries to take over your life, you've just gotta figure out how to regain control and manage your thoughts/feelings. Hope you feel better soon. Go out. Live!


Hi thanks for replying, yea it's been 8 years but the heart thuds started in December and was none stop ended up in a&e like you had heart blood tests both came bak fine, all other blood tests, I don't concentrate on them wen I'm busy I don't notice them it's just wen I wake up sometimes or go to bed I notice them, they went away for weeks and then just came bak it's a horrible feeling, thank you for both replys


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