Worried this week over up coming CT scan w contrast dye!

I am having a cr scan w dye on Saturday and I'm a mess with worry! First of all I'm thinking I have pancreatic cancer and this has been my health fear for going on almost a year now w off and on stomach issues pain and such so of course my mind tells me it's the worst thing possible! I have severe debilitating health anxiety as I'm sure a lot of you have and understand and I'm so sorry for anyone who struggles with this terrible illness in of itself! I have to get a cat scan w that dye and I'm freaking out over the dye never have had to do that before anybody have insight as to what to expect wirh being injected by the dye..


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4 Replies

  • Andrea1915, I have had CT Scan w/dye several times along the years and it is absolutely nothing to worry about. It is a miniscule amount of dye used. Within seconds it is over. A little warmth will be felt for a moment, not uncomfortable or scary. And then the scan is done. Use your deep breathing while going through this which will help you relax some. Wishing you my best.

  • I am sure you do not have pancreatic cancer. I had a fear years ago that I had ovarian cancer. I had all the symptoms. I went to four different doctors. This went on for over a year running back and fourth to different doctors. I had always feared ovarian cancer and got it stuck in my mind from that fear. I got all the tests there was available . The doctors kept telling me I didn't have it. It was all anxiety and fear and that fear actually gave me all the symptoms. I don't have ovarian cancer and I don't believe you have pancreatic cancer. Try to relaxant think positive.

    Why are you have a CT scan ?

  • Hi, I had this and it was quick and simple, just a slight warm feeling. This anxiety is a real bummer. I totally freaked out this morning at the thought of getting a crown done at the dentist. Hubby had to cancel for me, and I'm so annoyed with myself, feel I'm on a real downward spiral.

  • Its good that you are getting the tests done which hopefully will give you some answers. Hope all goes well.

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