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God help me

Started my new job Friday so it was my second day today and I had a panic attack when arriving there. Not nervous or anxious about it, nothing.. all today I have felt completely and utterly shit. I feel dizzy and my eyes feel like I've been looking at a bright light for too long. I'm experience chest pains YET AGAIN and a really bad stomach. I feel so down and low. Really don't want this affecting my new job ☹️

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hi matilda

i too started a new job on wednesday last week. im in the fitness profession and deal with people the whole day..its not easy when you suffer from anxiety and find yourself in new surrounding with new pressures and things to do..i try to just not think of anxiety at all..i tell myself this is my different world the moment i walk in to the work place it kinda works for me, its like i just step out of my own shoes into the other Charlenes shoes if that even makes sense!!!

My better times i think is when i work and just focus on other stuff not really my reality of life..

Be strong you will get through this

Love is God and God is love!



Aw hope everything's going ok for you! And thank you very much :)! Xx


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