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New to this. Anxiety worsening. Can anyone relate to any of this???

Hi all

I have been assessed by a therapist and have anxiety and OCD. I believe I also have panic disorder because (I'm not too sure of it all) I can be sitting there and randomly feel really nervous (heart palpitations, nausea, hot flash) for no reason? Anybody else get that?

I'm still on the waiting list for CBT because I mostly have health anxiety which is why I then have OCD. I'm the - I hate germs, so I get panicky on the train, always wash my hands and avoid contact with others kind and it's getting so bad. I live in fear every day, mostly as an emetophobe (fear of vomiting) but I suppose because it's a daily fear, my symptoms will occur daily?

I struggle with bad reflux (regurgitating food in burps, nausea) but I recently noticed when I swallow my throat clicks, not always, but sometimes - I think subconsciously I'm swallowing more? I also have a weird feeling in my throat often. Like I could gag or heave randomly for no reason? Anybody get this?

I also have bad nausea with mine and because I'm fearful of vomiting and stomach bugs, could this make my anxiety worse? Could it also be that I think about it so much it mimicks the symptoms of a stomach bug? Like my mind almost creates the feelings?

I'm going to be getting treatment, but at this stage I don't see it helping. I've started getting cabs instead of commuting, I hate going out for meals in the fear of contracting illness from the food... anybody else relate to any of this? I mostly get a constant nervous feeling - that fluttery heart and stomach, I have IBS which gets worse when I'm worried, I get acid reflux and more recently hot flashes and extreme fatigue. Can being really tired all the time be anxiety (I've had blood work done recently for iron etc and came back fine) so is it possible anxiety is really that powerful!? I'm starting yoga and waiting for therapy so hopefully things will improve soon.

I might also add I can even get these symptoms and feelings when I'm looking forward to something!? Is that normal?

Thanks guys.

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Yes,everything you just said all leads to anxiety.anxiety symptoms coming from no where?i get that all the time.and all the throat sensations you explained could all be from acid reflux and anxiety mixed.i also freak out about eating certain foods bc im scared im gonna get food poisining or something due to getting food poisining a couple months ago that made me feel now im extra careful about what i eat and make sure the food is completely cooked.and yes if your worried that somethings gonna happen to you all the time you can get symptoms that make you think it actually is happens to me everyday.anxiety has put me through hell.especially for the past 2 years.ive had it most of my life but its gotten way worse than its ever been these past 2 years.i dont think its ever gonna get any better.but hopefully it will.i hope you get to feeling better soon!your not alone.if you ever need someone to talk to feel free to message me!

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Thank you so much for your comforting words x

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Your welcome.hope it helped!


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