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8 days

It's been 8 days straight and my anxiety has not interrupted my day. I only take a 1/4 of a xanax at bedtime my prescription is .50 once a day. Other than that I have cut down on caffeine and a lot of positive self talk and exposure. What I mean by that is if I was feeling anxious I went about my business of going into the grocery store or whatever I needed to get done I did regardless of how I was feeling. I really don't know what to think other than it has been 8 days and I'm hoping i got this under control after 6 months of pretty steady generalized anxiety! I'm not going to analyze it I'm just going with the flow 😊

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That's so awesome well done. Onwards and upwards!!


Good luck I have had episodes they come stay for a while and leave . maybe it's over good luck


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