Anxiety Support

needing ways to get over this!! HELP

i have posted so many heart related posts in this and my anxiety has a huge issue at this . i dont know what to do anymore, im always so scared about my heart (essp. when its beating fast) and i feel like its gonna burst or some electrical impulses will stop working because of this. its so hard to do anything anymore because i always think im dying and i have so many personal issues at the moment and this problem isnt helping. i wanna help my family because (we're under a lot of stress) and do well at school but i simply cant because i always think im dying. it makes me feel as though i am selfish :(

and i know that thinking about the last time i panicked and nothing happens is something useful to think about but i cant do that because i feel like each day my anxiety is damaging my heart more and more.

i hate this so much, it's like i had a relapse on it because the last time i had this was in 2013, when i was only 13 :(

i wanna live my life and go hangout with friends but i always cancel/avoid because of this :(



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