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I become depressed at night

I'm a teenage girl that gets depressed at night. I got this often when I was younger but it has been gone many years now. But it came back yesterday. The feeling is just the same as it felt before. It comes sudden, and then my eyes start watering like I'm about to cry and my throat starts tightening and my chest feels heavy and I start missing my family even if they're in the room beside me and the only thing I want to do is to lay in their arms and hug them. In the day I feel so happy, positive and productive but around six pm or later I feel the opposite of that. Today I was home from school because I felt so bad the whole night and didn't sleep until 4am. I don't know whats wrong with me or how to make it better. If somebody has some help or advice please let me know.

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Hi nighttimesadness, it sounds like a form of "separation anxiety" which could stem back from your younger days. Talking with a therapist may undercover what prompted this fear. Just a few sessions could make the difference for you. I wish you well.


this is the exact situation i was in last night. i would like to assure you that this anxious faze your going through now wont last and that there are other people not sleeping. i feel like utter crap right now and i don't think i mm going to sleep at all tonight either but i just want to reassure you you aren't alone through this but i hope that helped and you can see that the wider picture

sorry your feeling this way



First it sounds like you are very young and you should be 16 to be a member on Health Unlocked even though the Admin on this site seem to let as young as 12 year old's stay on when they join but all I want to say as safety comes first be very careful on sites you join and always tell your parents , never accept any offers to meet up as well as giving any of your personal details , sorry about saying this but as a Mum I do cringe when I realize people maybe underage

When you are young male or female hormones can sometimes play a part in us feeling ok one minute and in tears the next , such a difficult age the teenage years , you still have one foot in your younger years and one in the adult world getting ready to make that transition to becoming an adult , a really difficult time , I really struggled when I was your age I did not know what I wanted , part of me wanted the security and all that goes with been a child the other part was trying to work out what all this growing up and becoming an adult was and to be honest I wanted the best of both worlds and did till I could no longer have them :-)

It could be as Agora says as again I suffered with it as a child even though I did not realize till was I well into my adulthood but I suffered with dreadful separation anxiety and you could be to

You really need to either talk with your parents , another family member you can trust and get on with , close friend , a teacher at school if again there is one you find easy to talk to or even your Doctor , what you feel now with the right support could soon be made to feel different but you need to speak up and let them no you are struggling and I hope you do :-)

Stay safe

Take Care x


Sorry to hear that. If you are in the UK could I suggest the young person's site kooth.com


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