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Pains and poops

Does anyone else go through this, somewhere in my body I'm always in pain. I am an anxiety sufferer. It maybe my stomach, chest, head, back, kidneys and now it's where my liver is. Probably that'll go in a few days and it'll be somewhere else.

I also am very worried because I have just found out that doing floating Poop isn't normal. And I have done this for over a year now, or Dihorea. I am now stressing myself over this. I have been diagnosed as having IBS, but I'm worried it could be worse.

Going for a blood test tomorrow for all sorts, but right now I'm freaking out.

Any advise?

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Try not to worry I have ibs and every day my stools look different. You can always ask for a colonoscopy to ease your mind also jump over to the ibs forum on this site you can get some great advise there too.

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Sounds similar to what i feel. I went to my doctor and so i had blood work done. For one i know for sure i over think things but to get back to the results i had and inflamed liver so she prescribed my vitamin D3 and said to start eating nutritionally. Though i recently got sick a few days ago and barely recovering. But now i feel worse than ever with my anxiety because i can't sleep at night. I recommend that you exercise, eat right, and stay busy and or stay close to the people that make you happy. At least that's what I'm going to try.


Take a few deep breaths and let go of the worry. Worry solves nothing, it uses lots of emotional energy. Instead be concerned, it uses less emotional energy, and anything you can't do by being concerned, you wouldn't have been able to do anyway by worrying.



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