Lord help me/us

So ever sense I been dealing with anxiety/depression I always thought it was only me going thru all this weird stuff, but when I found this website I found out that there are so many people that go thru the same or even worse situations, my question is WHY? And WHERE? Did I let this come into my life yes it was after I had my first child never went away and it got worse with my second child! I try to keep my faith up high but there's times were I lose it!! And every single person on here my prayers to all of you it's so hard dealing with this!! And only the ones that go thru it know the every day struggle!! I'm still thankful for my life it's a gift from God and life isn't never going to be perfect! It just sucks to be in this situation! But let's keep our heads up people let's not lose faith! God bless EVERY ONE!!


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  • Thank you izzy01 and God bless you. Anxiety is so evil. I think LIFE just happens and our negative experiences take over our minds and we develop anxiety. I've been told it's a chemical imbalance. I wish my "chemicals" could reset themselves, get back in balance and this will all go away. Until then, I will continue with my meditation, prayer and acupuncture. I've been prescribed medication for treatment, but would much prefer to treat this naturally. Have you been prescribed medication?

  • Yes I been on Zoloft for almost 1 year yes it has helped but I do good some days than out of no were I feel so bad it gets really fusserated I have to kids to take care of I just need to feel great to be there for them

  • God bless you Izzy01

  • This is a great post . Thank you for sharing❤God Bless

  • I also have an anxiety disorder. Mine stems mostly from health concerns. I pray that God will allow me to overcome these fears and be the father husband and teacher that I am supposed to be. It does help to here others are experiencing similar things.

  • Thank you for this and God bless you too! I've only been dealing with anxiety for about 3 months, even though now that I look back I think I've suffered with it in one form or another since I was a child. It's disheartening but also a comfort to know that I am not alone in this struggle. Anxiety is a terrible beast, but with God we can conquer it! I'm on meds at the moment but hope to not need them long term. I'm also in therapy and take many supplements. At the moment my biggest concerns are health related, especially my heart. Everyday I feel like my heart is going to just stop. I'm working on having more faith and knowing that God has total control.

  • That is my worry as well. Sometimes it is all consuming. But I am also trying to remind myself I've been checked out now I need to trust God that he will protect me and let him have that worry and believe he will get me help if I need it. Basically putting it in his hands.

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