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going away from home

ok so im going away from home and im trying to stay as positive as i can because if i were to see it in a negative way,than i would panic!! i have some negative thoughts and im scared that something will happen!! this is the first time im going away since my anxiety started (serverly) 4months ago! im excited bcz im seeing friends but hella nervous! i could of cancelled but im starting to force myself to go out more because if i didnt than i would never be able to !!

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I am so pleased you are going to see friends and making sure your anxiety does not stop you

You will and can do this , if you feel anxious remember that is ok but try not to let it totally control you

I hope you feel you can talk with your friends if you need to as that extra support will be such a help if you need it

Have a lovely time and let us know how you got on :-)

Take Care x


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