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For almost 2 months now I haven't left my house to hang out with friends etc. I used to always go to the mall, take a simple drive somewhere, go to a mall, drive down to the city, take a weekend trip etc now the passion to do ANYTHING is GONE. All I can think about is danger smh. What if thinking smh so much bad stuff has been happening around me and the holidays that really messed up my mind and made me paranoid. I even deleted my Instagram page because all u see is negativity, drama and bad news going on. I also have been having financial and some marital issues so I've been stressing about that as well. I started to stress about finances first and then the physical anxiety symptoms started to come into play. I had a few anxiety attacks but not much but my physical symptoms are annoying. My chest flexes and tightens up, I'm blinking 100mph, my arms feel numb sometimes, face face gets a little weird sensation, I dont have an appetite much, my heart pounds for no reason sometimes, I can't sleep more than 2hours at a time I wake up every two hours, my mind think I'm sick or have a disease because my body feels so weak. And all this makes me scared to leave the house especially alone. I get on the highway and instead of focusing on the drive I'm checking the time frame and how long is the ride. The whole ride I'm day dreaming of all my problems, feels like I'm in a foggy movie while I'm driving. I start having tightness of my chest.. I got real hot in the car sometime have to turn on the AC smh going. I'm worried about cars hitting me etc I'm just super on edge. I'm not always like this and go through anxiety bouts but it really is scary. Its impending doom like everyday u think something major and bad will happen to you or your family. So with all that going on I dont want to go out I just go to the barber, a family function if I have to, grocery store and thats it. I usually have trips set up with my wife now I'm always thinking negative. I go places and see where the nearest hospital is, I make sure there are exits, I can't be places alone or if I feel someone can't save me if something were to happen. I'm just too aware and wish I can relax and live a regular life. Nobody is perfect but I wish I can be stressed and just try and fix the problem smh. I always catastrophize everything then stress to the point it manifests into anxiety disorder and then its hard to get out of the rut. I go in my bed at 11:30PM and dont really get out my bed til 5pm! Smh on off sleep from 3am-11am...then lay in my bed surfing anxiety stuff or texting or social media until around 4-5. I eat around 1pm and wont eat again until 7pm smh....Does anyone feel like this? Impending doom and afraid to leave their house...?

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I feel like that most the time and I've been like that for the past six weeks ever since I got a panick attack. I'm so afraid of living the house coz I think that something is gona happen to me and I won't come back home, I feel axacly the same way about beeng in a car.

Yesterday I woke up with flu symptoms and I can't help but think that its something more and that this is the end of me even though its not really that bad. I also lost appetite and have intrusive thoughts all the time, to a point where I sleep uneasily and I end up feeling so tired throughout the day...and I always have feelings of impending doom. I'm afraid of watching the news incase they show horrible accidents where ppl died or social media where bad things and incidents are always being posted. I have hardly left the house for six're not alone in this I feel exactly like you do

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