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PTSD Good old VA says "Here, let us help. Take this pill, it'll make you feel MUCH better, plus you'll be able to sleep!".

Oh yeah, sleep.....put me in the hospital. Almost killed me.

Then they give us money for being disabled. Then they tell us they may take it away if we don't pass their five year "re examination" which takes months. Does anyone think this may cause some anxiety?

Thank you VA.

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Have you tried watching an EMDR video online? It appears that EMDR is a "miracle cure" for PTSD, and there is scientific backing for this, although not everyone agrees. Pearwig.


Yes, it does cause anxiety waiting for an assessment. I know four people who have been for their assessment and three of them were awarded enhanced rates in both categories (care and mobility ) and the whole three of them attended their assessments with the same healthcare professional who turned out to be a nurse, general nurse with very little understanding of mental health issues or diabetes and the whole gamut of illnesses associated with mental health issues. Remember, the government (such as it is at the moment ) originally instructed those already in receipt of DLA would be seen by a panel of at least three people. The word 'healthcare professional' is meant to be given to people such as a general nurse or a physiotherapist who have no understanding of people with anxiety issues. You are assessed from the moment you enter the building because they are watching the CCT cameras to see how you are dressed, sitting on a chair in the waiting room, if you are alone or are being supported by someone, if you appear anxious or depressed (an overused word to my mind that) and how you conduct yourself generally. The reason for the introduction of PIP is very, very sinister: in law, if someone has been awarded DLA for a long period of time it is classed as 'indefinite' and as such it is 'indefinite' and that could not be changed. Because PIP is a new benefit, people have to make a fresh claim and it is then these assessments are made by a panel as I remarked earlier in this rant by people who are paid extra bonus money for every claimant they decline and the claimant's information is then passed on to the DWP who decide whether or not to award claimants the new benefit, PIP! 985%of those who are declined the benefit who make an appeal have the decision to decline the benefit overturned and the benefit granted. How much is that costing the government? Back to your original question - excuse the ranting but this has angered me greatly for a long time now - yes, it does cause anxiety.

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I have had PTSD since I was a child. I have tried so many different things to help it. I had a good Phycologist once that really made a huge difference but then I lost my insurance and that was the end of that. After getting a taste of help then loosing everything: job, insurance, health issues sprung up out of nowhere, issues with my family, life totally completely and utterly sucked. I so didn't want to wake up again, but every morning (who am I kidding every afternoon) the sun finally broke through the cracks in my eyelids and I drug myself out of bed.

This went on for years until I had a new lousy boss, an adorable little boy who's job seemed to be to see how much he could scream and wear me even thinner than I already was, his dad who lets just say we weren't a happily ever after romance, disabled parents who needed more and more of me all the time, no time, no money, no sleep, no peace, no happiness, no light at the end of the tunnel!

On a particularly crappy day I ended up at the local health food store stretched to the point of total breakdown so I asked I sales associate what they had for instant stress relief. She pointed to a lady demoing some kind of aromatherapy spray. I was desperate so I went and listened as she talked to someone else. When they turned her down to be misted I went ahead and took my turn.

I kid you not the stuff worked!!! My shoulders relaxed out of my ears, I was able to take a deep breath, I quit wanting to choke everyone who had been thoroughly torking me off. I ended up buying a couple of the bottles that she recommended for stress and depression and after using them for a short time I really felt a major shift!

Since then I have really educated myself about aromatherapy, essential oils and flower essences. There are blends I have found that make a HUGE difference in PTSD. With aromatherapy some of the awesome things I've found versus everything else I've tried is the absence of side affects, I haven't had to drag up the horrors that caused the PTSD in the first place like most of the therapists wanted me to do, there's a ton of options, I've found the easiest way to figure out which blend will help me most is the one that smells the best to me, and they help the rest of my family with their issues too.

I was trying to find a Blog I bookmarked about Essential Oils and PTSD but I couldn't find it. I found this one to be pretty helpful too

Best Wishes to You Oldconfused


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