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Saw this on tumblr and I felt like it hit real hard at home with everything I've been dealing with lately..

Anxiety Awareness..

I have been out today with friends and when i was on the way home i just got a sudden wave of anxiety. 
Out of nowhere. 
I was sat asking myself why i felt so anxious and couldn’t find an answer. Then i started to think about how little people know about anxiety. 
Its a mental illness and people just think you’re just worried or scared.
Anxiety is a lot more than that. 
Anxiety is not knowing why you feel the way you do.
Anxiety is having sudden waves of fear or dread that something bad is happening. 
Anxiety is thinking that people are looking at you . 
Anxiety is feeling like you cant get away , you are stuck. You feel trapped. 
Anxiety is having clammy hands. 
Anxiety is wanting to shut yourself away from the world so you don’t have to feel anxious.
Anxiety is feeling like you want to cry but are worried about being judged if you do. 
Anxiety makes you overthink. 
Anxiety makes you tired.
No matter how many people i tell nobody understands. 
And i think it is so so important that more people actually understand. 
Its not just being scared, its not just being pathetic. Telling us to just ‘forget about it’ or 'stop thinking about it’ doesn’t help at all. 
You saying those things wont just magically make them disappear. 
Anxiety is real.
It does exist.

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