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Had to make new account feeling lost

Well I've have anxciety and from las week Monday I felt normal for a few days then back to feeling everything my head feels like it's going to exsplode with all this head pressure I can't find it in myself to go to the docs I keep putting it of but I just feel ill all the time unable to go out only to the shop 😔 Anyone else have the same problem

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What happened to your account ? have you come back in a similar user name ?

I can relate to how you feel I have felt like you may times in the pass but sometimes as hard as it is and I know how hard it can be we really have to push ourselves and to get the help you really need as well as deserve you are going to have to use everything you can muster and get to the Doctors

Go in a taxi if you have to , remember it is not something you are going to have to do every day just the once for now but make yourself do it

I have to go this week and I really don't want to but I know deep down it will help me if I do so I will be pushing myself to do it and I hope you do to :-)

Take Care x


Yes I had an account befor but wouldn't let me write anything and yes I just find it really hard to push myself and I will ring them in the morning and take myself there as much as I have put it off for ages I need to go x


Good for you !

Let us know how you get on :-) x


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