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What sort of mental health condition I have?


I have always had sleeping problems during my life. It comes and goes. I am a nervous person I have realised that sometimes it is hard for me to sit still. I grow up within an unstable family.My father is bipolar and my mother has chronic depression. I am Spanish living in the UK and my insomnia restarted when I went to Spain last Septembre.I didn't have a job at that moment and I was confused about which direction take next in my life. I thought that I would overcome earlier but It looks it is getting worse. In Novembre, I've got a new job which I really enjoy but I worried about not being able to succeed in the role.I had some nights without sleeping even though I was on Zoplicone and every week I was getting more and more anxious before bed and sleeping les and less. However, I started taking some in November and from mid-December I am on ¼ of Clonazepam. Unfortunately, I lost my job by the end of December but I am now sleeping every night and feeling more confident when is bed time.

My main concern now is to find out why I am have always had this phobia to “fall sleep”. And to know what sort of mental health condition I have so I find out what is the best therapy for it and stop taking Clonazepam. I am based in Bristol, Uk.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Warm regards,


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I went through something similar.... I was terrified to sleep at or nap during the day bc my anxiety would say your sleeping to much something is wrong with you. It is a battle we have in our minds that will not allow us to just be calm. I am taking celexa and my anxiety has tappered off but im EXHAUSTED yet cant sleep. Now I wish I wouldnt abused those nap times. Have you ever tried meditation? I know it sounds far fetched but when I would get worked up I would just sit up in my bed inhale 4 exhale 7 until I got calm and relaxed... I suffer from health anxiety so I understand your pain and fears....


Hello Ashley, I meditate every day before bed and follow a good sleep hygiene. Doing sleeping course by NHS (ask about it to your GP if you think it might help). My goal now is to know what kind of mental health I suffer and which is the best therapy to treat :)


Have you ever researched the anxiety and seen all the different types. At first I thought I just had anxiety but when it narrowed down I suffer from health anxiety. Once you find out which you have its easy to treat and to find support in that exact same anxiety group. I hope you get answers soon!!!


Thanks for your advice Ashley. I will do more research about it :)


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