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Anxiety and uncontrollable crying

Every time I get in a situation where I feel anxious and want to get out I start crying and I just can't stop myself. I had a job interview today and was fighting back the tears, as soon as I got out I just burst out crying and feel shit about myself. I am having CBT and am already on meds. So far my CBT isn't helping all that much but it's early days, my therapist said I should stay in situations that make me anxious until the anxiety decreases, but what about the uncontrollable crying? I don't like crying in front of people :/.

Does anyone else get this? I know I'm such a sensitive person but I just can't hold back the tears when I'm going to cry. I wish I could stop it. I don't want to be like this anymore and I literally feel like I'm never going to be able to work ever again, which I really don't want because I need the money and I hate sitting at home all day :(.

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When I read your post I could have just given you a hug :-)

I could tell how sensitive you are and there is nothing wrong with been sensitive

Well done you going to the interview I hope you are pleased with yourself that you went because so many would not be able to pass through the anxiety and do that , so please give yourself some praise !

As for crying that is like a relief valve , letting all the anxiety out which even though I know you don't like it , it can be a good thing because you are letting it out , I wish I could cry more , I seem to just shut down but takes so much pressure before I do where if I could just cry and get it out straight away it would be done with :-)

As for what people think , I bet they do not even notice and if they did they would just get about whatever they were doing so please don't worry what others think

You are right early days yet with the CBT but stick in there you will get something from it and sometimes we have to have more than one therapy but see how this goes first , don't think about " never " think about " now " and you are doing everything you can , medication , therapy , going for interviews , all while you are dealing with anxiety , I think that is admirable and so should you :-)

Take Care x

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Hello there, I'm very sensitive, so I can really relate to you. It's better to be that way than hard, don't beat yourself up! Be kind to yourself. Remember you are an important person and worth being yourself. It is better to get those feelings out as it only makes your more anxious when your struggling to hold it together. I cried this morning and it relieved so much tension !! It's not a sign of weakness. Well done to you for going to the interview. Your in my thoughts.


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