Feeling alone with this Anxiety

Feeling so alone, my parents are very old so I can't tell them how I been feeling so sad and anxious. I don't wanna worry them. My siblings have their own stresses so I didn't want to worry them and my wife is pregnant and I'm the "head of household" so I dont wanna seem weak and most importantly worry n stress her because she's pregnant and not good for the baby. This is supposed to be a time where I'm catering to my wifes needs and preparing to be a new dad all over again. This is our second baby and my wife is excited and I'm excited too but I'm just scared SHITLESS. I dont want to fail her or my kids. Once I find a good job and feel like a man again maybe I will feel better? As of now I just feel like a loser, my wife is so supportive of me and doesn't ever put me down but I sometimes fear she will get tired of me failing and just leave me for someone who is more established and mistake his financials for being a better man n provider than I am. Smh.......


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