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Boyfriend is confused of his feelings!! is it his anxiety?|please help :/

Boyfriend is confused of his feelings!! is it his anxiety?|please help :/

so my boyfriend suffers from anxiety and depression and he is also bi polar, he told me about a week ago when he sees other pretty girls he's tempted but he feels so guilty and has been hating himself for it, he checked himself into the hospital because he hates himself so much he's scared of hurting himself and when i went to visit him he told me part of his brain is telling him that hes falling out of love with me and cant be with me and the other half thinks thats crazy and he knows he loves me we've been together for over a year and this is our first real bump in the relationship I don't know how to make him sure again, its breaking my heart, we live together and i can't bare the thought of not being with him and he says the same thing he's convinced he'd die without me we're best friends we do everything together, I just need some advice he's so scared we cant get past this and i dont know how to fix it!! when he sees me now he has anxiety attacks and hits himself and cries and loses his mind! It hurts to see him in so much pain i dont know what to do..

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You both look very young and relationships as you get older are hard to cope with so been young and your partner suffering with Mental Health Conditions must be very hard for you to deal with and you must be feeling really confused

First you have to remember he does have Mental Health problems which seem quiet complex and so he is maybe right he does not know what he wants as when we are suffering with these things we can become confused it is part of the illness and we self doubt as well as trying to push people away usually the one's we care for the most but then he has support now he is in the hospital to try and help how he is thinking and feeling and you need support to with your thoughts and feelings you are going through

Are there any support groups in your area for people living with people with Mental Health issues ? this is something maybe your Doctor could tell you because I really think you need to look after you to :-)

You cannot make anyone change their minds or feelings if they do fall out of love with you as love is un conditional and yes it does hurt if someone says they do not want to be with us anymore but if we care and love them as we should we will let them go because we will want what is best for them , this is something you learn along the way but very difficult to do so but you have to take each day as it comes , remembering he is not well and also remembering yourself in all this so please talk to friends , family , your Doctor anyone you can trust about what you are going through and I hope for you both whether you stay together or not that you find happiness and most important peace of mind :-)

Take Care x

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