Does anyone else have lipoma's pretty much all over your body? I gained alot of weight and I am now loosing weight but I have these hard fat lumps everywhere. My doctor says they are lipoma's and they are small, is this common? I have them around my mid section, a few on my back and my thighs. Is there any sort of natural remedy to get rid of them? when i apply pressure on the right area they can be sore ! any advice on this issue would be great as it worries me sick because of society we are lead to believe any lump is either cancer or something horrible. trying to steer away from that lol!


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  • Hi cdubbz, I have had a lipoma on the left side of the base of the back of my neck. Every time I went to the doctor, I would show them and they would slough it off as harmless. They can be removed depending where it is located and how much it interferes with your functioning. I was told, mine is too close to the spine and so they refuse to do anything about it. Try not to worry. At least you know you are not the only one.

  • No easy way to get rid of them other than surgery. They are of no significance. Sometimes these lumps maybe neurofibromas, which again are not cancer, but some people have numerous of these lumps.

    I'm afraid it is something you have to live with unless you are going to pay for cosmetic surgery

  • I have one in my shoulder and one in my upper arm.

    Unless they are causing you pain, Tingling, loss of sensation through pressing on nerves they don't normally bother about them, but it's good to keep a check on growth.

    I also have Neurofibromatosis, where you get tumours on the nerve sheaths, spine brain and soft tissue., and I have had tumours removed.

    I guess you don't need to be worried unless you have symptoms causing you concern, but you could always ask for another GP opinion if you are to know I always think, put your mind at rest.

    All the best. Mari.

  • I have them, and have had them for over 20 years. So I can tell you they are not cancerous. I think you can only have them surgically removed.

  • I have also been heavy and managed to lose some weight, and yes, I have small fat lumps in the exact same areas as you - mid section, thighs, etc. you will feel them more prominently as you lose more weight. I noticed some of mine would be sore if pressed, but actually I was causing the soreness because I kept touching/pressing on them. Try to pay them no attention as they are harmless.

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