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Can anyone relate? Slightly more bloated on left side after eating meals

I have a habit of over analysing everything about my body but I was wondering if someone can reassure me if this normal? I have noticed that after meals I am more bloated on the left hand side of my abdomen, only slightly and more if I push my stomach out. I am underweight so not sure if I just noticed more because of that? I am worried there may be a tumour in there or something sinister. I had an endoscopy in October due to indigestion so I know there wasn't anything then. If anyone can relate I would be very grateful. X

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Alicia, if you had an endoscopy in October and it was find you can be absolutely certain it isn't a tumour or there would have been signs of it during that procedure. Just accept that food has a different sensation when travelling along your descending colon than the ascending or transverse sections. Free your mind from too much introspection because if you continue you will start to frighten yourself half to death and you will end up as a hypochondriac like the rest of us here and you wouldn't want that.


I have acid reflux sometime i get bloated after i eat


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