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It's started again 😫😫

So I haven't posted on here in a while as I've been managing and dealing with my anxiety much better but for a week now it's really starting to affect me again I keep sleeping all the time I'll wake up really late and still sleep early that night it's really freaking me out the chest pains are back also and I just feel like I'm dying all over again really hate this 😑 Could do with some advice and positivity or anyone else who experiences this😒 Caitlin x

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Hey there! I was good for a while then the past couple of months have gotten to me. I've started going to my therapist again and he says I need to re-evaluate some things in my life causing me stress. Have you done anything different recently? Anything extra going on? Could be a seasonal thing, too. I can't get outside and it's killing me!!


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