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Really panicking can anyone help me please? Regarding lymph node *pic included


Me again, I know it's my second post about this but I'm hoping to get some reassurance, I've felt a very small, less than 1cm soft, very movable node but I'm unsure as to which one it is, I have looked and lymph node diagrams and I'm not sure which it is, I'm scared it's the virchow's gland but not sure if it could be a deep cervical lymph node. If anyone can help me I would be so grateful. I do have the gp on Monday so I will mention it then but in the meantime my health anxiety is going into overdrive. I have marked with a pen where it is. Thanks,

Alicia x

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Alicia, I'm sure you've checked out Google but perhaps it's better coming from someone else - the received wisdom is that what you describe is highlt unlikely to be anything serious or untoward. These nodes can suddenly enlarge for all sorts if reasons, most usually a bacterial or virus infection somewhere in your body and dusappear whence they came after a few weeks. So the odds are stacked heavily in your favour that there is no reason for you to be concerned though I can understand that you won't be completely reassured until you hear it from the horse's mouth of your GP or a specialist. We've all been there, usually several times.



I had to really look to see what you were talking about and have you been rubbing it ? as it just seems slightly redder than the other side but don't rub it as you will just make it sore

I have always been told by my doctor as I have been with lumps and bumps over the years that as long as they move under the skin that is a good sign it is nothing sinister , I have been with the same Doctor years and she seems to know what she is on about so take that as some reassurance

Please keep of Google it really just throws the worse out and it cannot see or examine you so anything you read does not refer to you personally but just frightens people as Google tells you the worse !

I am pleased you are going to see your Doctor for your peace of mind :-)

I know for me over the years like you I have sat in fear thinking I can see or feel something 100 times worse than it actually is and the moment the Doctor has said nothing to worry about a miracle has happened and whatever I was worrying about has disappeared and hopefully once you know there is nothing to fear the same will be for you :-)

Let us know how you get on , I am sure everything will be fine :-)

Take Care x


Thankyou both, from looking at the mark I made with the pen, can you tell which node it is? I really do have to feel around to find it but I can feel it and that's enough to worry me. I do have palpable lymph nodes all over my body but a couple of months ago my gp said she wasn't worried about them. I'm just a bit worried about the location of this one as it apparently is almost always malignant if you can feel a left supraclavicular lymph node. But I'm hoping it's not that one I am just not sure? Also I'm itching a bit too but that could be a side effect from citalopram that I am in my 4th week of now. X


To be honest I could only just spot it even with the pen mark but I know when we feel something is not right it seems huge to us v

You know I once found a lump on my neck , well I went of to the Doctors she said she was not worried about it but would I believe her no !

So to shut me up she referred me to the hospital

Well I was convinced then that is must be something serious and when I got there the Consultant had all on finding this lump , took him ages !

Anyway he sent me for a scan , well again I knew in my head this was it and you know it was nothing at all !

The Consultant said to me that we all have lumps and bumps all over our bodies , most people do not notice them but they can be normal for us and just part of us and basically that was all that mine was , so please try not to worry , in a couple of days the Doctor will reassure you :-)

The itching could be the meds but I have sometimes found that when I have been really anxious I feel itchy to so could be a combination of both

Try and let go and enjoy your weekend , hope you have something nice planned or at least something that will distract you from your thoughts and look forward to hearing how you get on Monday :-) x

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