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Happy new year

Hi all. I hope this year we can all beat anxiety. There are a few things that have caught my attention recently I wish to discuss. My stomach makes noises all day long whether I'm hungry full or anything. Is this due to stress and strain on it? I can't help but worry. Also, I've noticed since I had a bad cold that I am quite short of breathe and I keep having to sigh to catch a deep breathe. I've had this before and I'm sure it went once I stopped focusing on it but I can't help but worry sad any advice please.

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Happy New Year to you :-)

I have a rumbling stomach hungry or not , I think sometimes it can be stressed related and I have never worried about it but if you go to the Doctors at any time just mention it I am sure they will reassure you

I think when we have had a bad cold and especially if you are focusing in on your breathing but we can feel tight chested , have you tried steaming with some Olbisoil that can help loosen it up again I am sure it is nothing major but if it get's troublesome then maybe let the Doctor have a listen sometimes with a cold we can get a slight infection but with antibiotics soon cleared :-)

Hope you feel better soon :-)

Take Care x


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