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The Start of 2017

So its 4:25 right now & about 10 minutes ago i kind of had a panic attack or like a big jump in my sleep that has left me shooken up a little bit . My hands are trembling . Its going down as i type . I know that i need sleep right now but that kind of made me dont want to go back to sleep now.This hasnt happened to me in a little while . Guess that was my panic disorder letting me know its STILL HERE 2017 ...have a great night & productive year as we fight these problems.

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Anton, was your panic attack life threatening? Clearly not. Did it cause you physical injury? No, it didn't. So go to sleep without fear because your panic attack and trembling hands and any other symptoms are just blips caused by an over sensitive nervous system caused no doubt by stress and anxiety.

Early in the morning our levels of the hormone cortisol are at their peak and if we don't use it up by 'fight or flight' it can hang around in our systems causing anxiety. I recommend drinking a mug of green tea first thing as the thianine in green tea counteracts the cortisol.

The best way to overcome panic disorder is to accept the symptoms knowing that they cannot harm you physically, they are fraudsmpretending to be major health problems which they are not. If we accept the symptoms of anxiety rather than fighting them we don't let the initial flash of fear turn into second fear which sensitises the nervous system even further. The book that explains how to use Acceptance to overcome anxiety, and has helped hundreds of thousands of people to recover from anxiety disorder in the past 50 years, is called 'Self help with your nerves' by Claire Weekes. It's available from Amazon and used copies are available for just a few pounds or dollars. It will bring you understanding, reassurance - and explains how to practice acceptance which will lead to your recovery.

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