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Emetophobia Anxiety During Stomach Flu Season

As I'm sure everyone knows by now, we are beginning to enter the dreaded time of the year- stomach flu season. I have Emetophobia and have been struggling with it for the past year. I have trouble eating and get 'nausea attacks' from the anxiety. I do CBT (cognative behavioral therapy) and take medicine to help, but it doesn't help much. Someone in my family currently has the stomach flu right and I have already had an anxiety attack today. I am scared to touch things in my house and am very scared to go to school, as that is how I got it last year. No body seems to take my Emetophobia seriously. It is bad enough when it's not even stomach flu season. Does anybody have any tips to help me survive this dreaded season?

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Try distractions and thought blocking. Overthinking is a big factor.

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I can relate to this! The media seems to love to tell us that norovirus is especially severe this year, but they say that every winter, playing on the fears of people like us.


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