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How can I start going out?

I stopped going out about 2 years ago because I noticed that people are manipulative evil and selfish.

Since I was a little child people treat me rudely so I decided not to go out anymore, I also stopped doing sport. I just go to school and then I go back home. I do my homework and then I play computer games or I watch videos on youtube. Now I feel depressed but I don't want to go out because I know that people will treat me rudely.

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Hi ----abcd, and why do people treat you rudely? Staying in isn't the answer, what kind of life is that? I can imagine that you feel depressed. Sounds like you may need to talk with someone (therapy) takes away your life completely. It sounds like you are assuming this is how people are or you are provoking them to treat you badly. Either way, it needs to be addressed.


Shouldn't do that to yourself. But I know how you feel I've had friends backstab me for nothing or for a guy, I've been raped and molested. So yes I know how wicked people can be, but I refused to stop beine kind to others and I refuse to give up on finding others that actually do give a damn about others. I have a smallot network of friends, we aren't super close because yes I do have my trust issues but I know I have people I can connect with if I need it. Don't close yourself up completely you may miss out in meeting some really genuine people out there.


Am the same I sit in alone with my dog as I can trust him


What other hobbies do i have and/or are interested in.

I took up cycling and started a group ride in my town. Met lots of cool people that way and made goos friends.


Life teaches you how to live it, just gotta live long enough - tony bennet


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